Mérida: archaeological site


Mérida (Badajoz, Spain) was one of the main capitals of the Roman Empire, for this reason it has an important heritage of that period.

This town has been considered archaeological site and was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1993, due of having an excellent example of public buildings of the Roman Empire and being an exceptional testimony.

The most important monument in this area is the Roman Theatre which each year becomes the scene of the called International Classical Theatre Festival. But, in addition, in Mérida we can find many other important cultural tourist points like:

  • the Amphitheater,


  • the National Museum of Roman Art,2
  • the Trajan Arch,


  • the Arab Alcazaba,


  • the baths,


  • the xenodoquio,


  • Visigothic art collection of the Santa Clara´s Church,


  • or, on Merida Outside, the Baths in the Basilica of Alang-Casa Herrera, et cetera.8

Tourist information:


The Mérida´s historical monuments are considered a valuable example of public buildings of the Hispanic province of Roma, where have been preserved remains of particular importance.

Originally, Extremadura and Mérida go back to the year 25 BC, when the Emperor Octavian Augustus at the end of his campaign in Hispania through his legions founded the colony Augusta Emerita Roma. In the westernmost province of the Roman Empire, from its inception until the fall of the Roman Empire, Mérida was a prominent legal, economic and military center. In the Visigothic  Age its splendor continued, being in V century one of the most important cities of the peninsula.

Roman Theater schedules and prices.

  • Open

From 1st July to 15th September: from 9.30a.m to 13.45p.m and from 16.00 to 19.15p.m

From 16th September to 30th June: from 9.30a.m to 13.45p.m and from 16.00 to 18.15 p.m

  • Close: 

 January 1st and 24th, 25th and 31th December.

  • Price

Joint Entrance to theater, Amphitheatre, Fortress, Mithraeum House, Visitor Centre and Crypt of the Basilica of Santa Eulalia, Roman Circus and columbaria Area Funeral 9 €.

Single-entry to the Amphitheatre and Theatre 6.5 €. Reduced: € 5 (age 65 years, minimum 20 persons and groups by prior appointment, Youth Card, students, and children between 9 and 16 years).

Free: children under 8 years old.

The Roman Theatre location.

  • Country:Spain
  • Province:Badajoz
  • Locality:Mérida
  • Address: Jose Ramon Melida Street, s / n. 06800 Mérida (Badajoz).
  • Number phone: 34 924312530Sin título


Nearby accommodation.

·         Resort Romero Mérida

It is avant- garde and urban luxury. Newly opened and located 4 km from Mérida. The Hotel has 60 bright and comfortable rooms with exterior views, telephone, bathroom, air conditioning and TV where you will be able to relax and unwind yourself.  Contact: 0034 924312591


·         Apartment El Carrasca

Rural Apartment of 180 m2, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, living room with fireplace, porch of 40 m2, garden of 1000 m2 with swimming pool, locker room, children’s play house. Located 12 km from Mérida and 48 km from Cáceres. Contact: 0034 922352534

·         Guesthouse LOS CORTINALES

Located 15 minutes from Mérida, in the urban core of the town of La Zarza (Badajoz). A quiet village with services enough. From the center of this goes a hiking trail of the most beautiful of the district. Contact: 0034914789522



Restaurants and cafeteria.

  “La Despensa del Castuo Restaurant´´   13

 A perfect place next to the Roman Theater itself and the cold meat and Extremadura products sold there are high-quality.

  “Pizzeria Wndy´´    14 

An Italian restaurant with good food and service. The place is original where also you will be able to drink in a giant wine vats.

  “Cafeteria-Bar Vía de la tapa´´   16

 In the vicinity of Roman Amphitheater of Merida, is this excellent tapas bar.


Other worth-visiting in the area:

Pantano de Proserpina


Roman lake located about 5 km from Mérida. The Pond (the family name of Proserpina Reservoir) is a real treasure and it has a drainage area of ​​about 8.5 km2. The Romans built this dam on the River Pardillas. Here, Mérida welcomes you in one of its consecrated ground, a little paradise on earth: granite, fish,  herons, eucalyptus and peace.

La ruta nocturna de Mérida Secreta


The Secret Merida night route takes you to a legend from the hand of a guide, his knowledge and love for the town, its wonderful way of relate the History… it does not allow you get bored. Live a magical night, full of curiosities, data and mysteries of today and always. An amazing tour of the most emblematic places around the city where not only you will meet historical data, but also with mystery and legend.

Acueducto de los Milagros


This aqueduct, which spanning the River Albarregas and reaches the old part of the city, is one of the best preserved vestiges of Mérida. It is stunning and from not too long ago has greatly improved the environs, making it an ideal place to go for a walk. About the material the aqueduct was made, was a combination of stone and red brick.


I hope this information has helped you .


 Era Cultural.



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